United Stage Group

Proudly representing the most unique live artists in Europe

About Us

We are United Stage Group. A music company consisting of five entities all across Europe. Together we strive to create the most memorable live experiences for music lovers on festivals, venues and night clubs as well as private parties and corporate events.

United Stage Group aim to elevate the artist we represent from their debut concert at small venues to the biggest stages across Europe. We are a full-scale organization, handling everything from booking the shows and loading the trucks to rigging the stages and selling the tickets.

Building an artist career is a team effort, and to establish long term artist careers, we are collaborating closely with our label partners all across the world .

United Stage Group consists of five departments located in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Contact us

Call us on +45 60 67 58 50 or use the form below. We help you through the process, from casual conversation to professional production.